Why Selling Your House to an Investor Can Be a Smart Move

If you’re looking to sell your house quickly or without the hassle of traditional home-selling methods, working with an investor can be a smart move. Here are a few reasons why: Of course, there are also potential drawbacks to selling to an investor, such as the possibility of receiving a lower offer than you would […]

Selling Your House For Cash: Common Myths and Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions out there about selling your house to an investor. Here are a few common myths, debunked: Myth #1: Investors only offer lowball prices. While it’s true that investors may offer less money for your home than you would receive on the market, they can also offer a fast and easy sale […]

How Cash Sales Work and What You Can Expect as a Seller

By now, most of us have seen the advertisements, or heard about the option of selling your home for cash. As a seller, especially if you’re looking to sell quickly and avoid the hassles that go along with a traditional home sale, you might be wondering whether or not there’s a “catch” when it comes […]

How Selling Your House for Cash can Benefit you Financially

People sell their homes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they’re simply upgrading, downsizing, or moving to a new city. But other times, they sell because they need to liquidate and get the equity out of the house right away. And while real estate is generally a good investment, in some situations, selling, and selling […]

Five Things You DON’T Have to do When You Sell for Cash

Selling your home can be a stressful and time consuming endeavor. From prepping it for the market, retaining a real estate agent, and hoping you can actually get qualified buyers, there are a lot of things that have to fall into place for a home sale to happen. Even with the help of a realtor, […]

Focus and Action

Every real estate investor has a three-part dream. Firstly, they hope to find a deal of huge economic value. The second part of the dream is that they recognize the opportunity that they see. Finally, the investor must be ready and able to act on their discovery. The investor is rewarded when he/she makes all […]

Eight Habits that Help Average People Make Millions

I grew up an average person in an average community having average parents. I am also the most uneducated person in my family from a college viewpoint. What separated me from the rest? Well, it is simple but it is hard. Below are eight simple but hard habits that helped catapult me from an ordinary […]